Communication Success


About This Course

This course focuses on tools and strategies to experience success when communicating your thoughts, opinions, plans, and ideas at work. You will learn about the importance of body language, ways to structure your conversations at work so that they are meaningful, impactful, and valuable, and the art of influencing and persuading others to ‘buy-in’ to, even when your mode of thinking, even when you are not in a position of authority or the decision-maker.

Course Curriculum

Part I: Useful Body Language Techniques

Correctly reading and interpreting nonverbal behaviour makes you a better communicator and a more understanding individual in your communication with others. By understanding how to communicate ‘positively’ with language, we positively impact our relationships with others.

Gestures and body language communicate as effectively as words. It adds clarity to our communications and enables us to be generally more persuasive by responding appropriately to what others tell you non-verbally.

Part II: Conducting Valuable Conversations

Communication skills are the essential skills that drive your work relationships, allow you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, competencies, and thoughts on-the-job. Create conversations where you can use modern best practices to ensure agreement of meaning and build relationships – every time.

The best modern-day practices for successfully delivering your spoken communicated messages, both with more considerable influence and persuasion, are here for you to learn. You will learn how to manage difficult conversations and situations through effective communication choices.

Part III: Persuasion & Influencing Skills

Persuasion, when used positively, can be a powerful way to move along the decision-making process. As we make better and better decisions, our ability to influence increases along with our relationships. It is imperative that you increase your sphere of influence wherever you intentionally can. This learning will provide you with the best modern-day practices for successfully delivering your spoken and written communicated messages, both with more significant influence and persuasion.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this section, you will be able to:

Course Level

Introductory level


This course is on-demand, meaning that you can take it anytime, at your own pace. The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete from start to finish, but you have unlimited access for 3 months. You can choose to take the course in one sitting or in smaller bites. Either way, the course is entirely flexible and up to you how fast you complete it!

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About the Course Authors

Diana Kawarsky, MA, CCP


Diana has over 20 years of experience working with more than 20,000 business professionals, effectively improving their management and communication skills to achieve higher impact results. She holds an MA Degree, is a Certified Coach Practitioner and twice published author and World Guru in Communications.

Sheldon Kawarsky, PhD

Vice President

Sheldon has over 20 years of experience holding manager and director roles in the private and academic sectors, focusing on business development and fostering relationships with companies, universities, government organizations, and venture capitalists.  His strength is in relationship building and clarifying the needs of clients to ensure their training maximizes their return on investment.