Management of Trauma and Critical Incidents in the Workplace​

Management of Trauma and Critical Incidents in the Workplace

This course is only available with the Mental Health & Psychological Safety In The Workplace Master Certificate Program.

About This Course

Critical Incidents hit without warning and lead to traumatic responses in those affected by them.  These events can include experiencing or witnessing violence, natural disasters, pandemics, murder or suicide and serious accidents, to name just a few.

Learning Objectives

In this course, you will:

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Introductory/Intermediate level


This course is on-demand, meaning that you can take it anytime, at your own pace. The course takes approximately 40 minutes to complete from start to finish, but you have unlimited access for 3 months. You can choose to take the course in one sitting or in smaller bites. Either way, the course is entirely flexible and up to you how fast you complete it!